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Astrology Predictions Obama

Barack obama is a leo. he has great leadership abilities and he also has a reputation for being a bit full of himself. Which is fine. Leos are pretty awesome so we can let being full of himself slide a little bit. He’s very relationship oriented anyone who is born around sundown is. That’s an interesting thing about astrology is that time we are born is very important in determining the lessons that we are here to learn. So. President Obama is relationship oriented and we know that. He never lets an occasion.

Pass where he doesn’t mention michelle publicly and he knows how important she is to his success. He has some very strong planets in Virgo and that’s what makes him so cool.collected.and so well thought out. Without all that Virgo he might be more like a bad Leo and just be arrogant. But Virgo makes him service oriented and dedicated to his work and career. And the other interesting thing about his chart is that he has Aquarius rising. He truly is a high minded and idealistic man. It’s nice because the US chart has some very prominent.

Aquarius in its chart too. the united states is a very high minded and humanitarian country. So. it’s nice to have a president who is aligned with that. Looking at the future. We see more prominent women figuring into his administration. Some new ones that will emerge this year.and one. and this is a bit of a if you’re listening Mr. President pay least one woman who will be a bit of a disappointment.a disillusionment in fact. It won’t your wife.but.

Barack Obama Astrology Beneath the detachment the distance Horoscope Birth chart

The reason i love working with the uranian system of astrology is because the uranian system, which involves a dial such as this, goes right to the heart of ones personal story with amazing subtlety. With the dial, a patterning emerges and we get an intimate look at the path and purpose as well as our dilemmas along the way. I decided on Barack Obama because after six years in office hes more of a mystery than ever and I wanted to get some insight into what started off as this romance with this.

Romance with the country and quickly cascaded into the countrys ambivalent relationship with him and him with the country. I know there are some pretty strong opinions out there about Obama so try to reserve some judgement because the point here with astrology is understanding and respect for the path each and every one of us is on. So lets get started. Before we dive into his natal chart I wanted to take a moment to point out a rather major sidenote. For the past ten years Barack Obama has been under quite a heavy Neptunian transit.

To some very personal points in his chart, beginning with the ascendant in 2004 and moving to his Meridian and then his Moon. I would think that this period has been the most difficult of his life. Neptune transits dissolve structures that straightjacket the soul, creating a tremendous amount of a sort of divine discontent in ones life. Neptune forces us to go within and develop identity from a place of soul and inner whisper instead of from a place of heavy earthly ambition. Lets move on to his natal birth chart.

First and foremost this is the chart of an artist. the poseidon here strongly aligned with his Meridian axis tells us of someone who has a profound inner world that is very receptive spiritually and intellectually and needs to reflect out illuminating ideals that inspire. He needs to express from this subjective place and give it form, and being on the Meridian axis means it inhabits every corner of his being. The platform for his artistry is Mercury/Apollon which is someone who is free and open minded, who wants to expand and do so through their.

Communication skills, and with the poseidon it becomes oratory. but the hades here in this three point picture drags that Mercury/ Apollon into the underworld indicating a real lack of mobility and freedom in this area. So basically were dealing with someone who has deep emotional yearnings with extraordinary skills, a man who is a seeker on a path and hes looking for a place of shelter for his feelings and ideas. But theres exists this huge dilemma in his chart that revolves around identity and issues of selfacceptance.

The moon structure here is incredibly revealing. the moon is the emotional nature, the emotional unconscious, what we need for our peace and wellbeing. The Saturn Uranus predicament here is in full stretch and theres a conflict between his needs for security and his needs for his selfexpression and the Hades/Apollon is alerting us to the fact there is trouble with this expansion and usually Hades has primal roots, that is situations that have originated early, and you can see they originated in his early environment. Back to the Saturn.

Uranus, the uranus is alerting us to a situation of too early emotional independence, where he might have needed comforting and support its inconsistent. And indeed when we go to the Moon/Ascendant midpoint which tells us about the actual mother, you can immediately see the Neptune/Admetos, which means she was very back and forth with Barack, strong closeness and strong separateness, and with that Uranus right on the Moon/Ascendant midpoint she was restless and perhaps had her own ambivalent feelings around motherhood.

Back to the saturn/uranus. so with the uranus here he carries this inner restlessness but it doesnt go anywhere because it would threaten his emotional security. So he goes for the security of Saturn, and negates the expressiveness of the Uranus and sells himself short, where he just functions and adapts. And the sun/neptune with the Hades here is indicating he readily accepts situations and is just too passive to do anything about it. Since theres a real sense of lack of effectiveness he avoids conflict and moves himself into.

Horoscope Today Monday

Hello stargazers, monday, november the 10th, let us begin with aries, arieanas, today arieanas may be more interested in its future than its present or past. Your idea of whats to come may be quite distorted since you will be looking at the future through the prism of current events. Many Arieanas despite their reputation of positive optimists may be inclined to painting the future in overly dark colors. Taurus, Taureanas If you are classical Taureanas you will first and foremost be a supporter of order; humanism and freedom of speech will.

Come next. some overly independent and unconventionallythinking person may be irritating you all day long. Dont even think of trying to control someone or push your opinion onto someone. Gemini, Geminians The day is favorable for online chatting, virtual travels, sharing ideas, news, knowledge and conclusions. Many Geminians will enjoy educating themselves in the field of their interest, especially if it is informal, innovative and progressive. Can cer, Cancerianas Misunderstanding and doubts are losing their relevance. Cancerianas personal.

Life will stabilize it is a good thing since many of you take it very seriously now. This tendency is equally important for the Cancerianas with a creative streak and those of you who work with children. Leo, Leonianas are selfsufficient, but dependent on others opinion. If you have recently had a fight with someone, you must be dreaming of restoring harmony to your relations and if necessary making up to whoever you quarrelled with. Try to do it today by overcoming your pride or shyness.

Virgo, virgonianas, logical thinking and reasonable actions that virgonianas are famous for today can let it down. Up until the night your behavior can be somewhat odd. You will be able to stubbornly persevere at something that is obviously useless and inefficient. Libra, Librarianas, November 10ths events will provide Librarianas with mixed feelings. Your favorite activities may not be enjoyable today. A date, a meeting or another informal event that youve been passionately organizing may not produce an expected result.

Scorpio, scorpianas should not set any serious tasks for today. instead, it should follow its immediate desires and abide by the current atmosphere at home. You may feel lonely even when in a crowded house. However, for most Scorpianas external and internal isolation will prove a gift other than a punishment. Sagittarius, Sagittarianas, Dont be planning any entertaining events with numerous attendees for November 10ths The chances that no one will show up are quite strong and those few who may attend will not show much enthusiasm.

Its recommended that you postpone an important meeting, trip or conversation. Capricorn, Capricornianas, If Capricornianas havent managed to screw things up, today will prove calm and peaceful. There may be some surprises in store for you; your mood or your physical wellbeing may be quite changeable. Dont exaggerate the importance of events and dont try to understand their true meaning. Aquarias, Aquarianas, Many Aquarianas will be thinking of themselves first and foremost. This can be attributed to their health which.

Will demand attention whether explicitly or implicitly. if you feel that time has come to abandon everything youve been doing and have a proper rest, be sure to do it. Pisces, Pisceanas, Today Pisceanas may find important communication with distant territories quite troublesome and the surrounding reality will make it want to run away from it. Temporary loneliness can prove a gift from above for the dreamy Pisceanas. And I will see you tomorrow, Big kiss.

Daily Horoscope with Madame Bastet Nut November 3rd

Hello stargazers, monday, november 3rd, now let us begin with aries, today arieanas sociability will increase and with it its emotionality and vulnerability. Dont confide in the first person you meet. If you happen to interact with strangers, limit your communication to sharing news, memories and old anecdotes. Taurus, It will be easy for It will be easy for Taurianas to make a seemingly reserved person quite chatty. If this happens to be your partner,.

Youll know their immediate concerns and burning questions very well. just keep in mind that today they dont feel like shooting the breeze and are prone to serious discussions only. Gemini, Geminianas frame of mind as well as its physical wellbeing and spirits can hardly be described as ideal. The Geminianas may be swamped with urgent things at the worst moment possible. Your chronic ailment may exacerbate today. Pets owners may be concerned with how they behave.

Cancer, cancerianas in love will be focused on their personal relations first and foremost. A calm frank conversation will prove key to your future happiness. The better you know each other and the fewer things you hide from each other, the stronger your chance for a long happy life together are. Leo, Leonianas focus will be zoomed in on its place of residence, household relations or family situation. Many domestic trifles may make you feel blue and unhappy. November 3, 2014 is a perfect day for taking a sober.

Approach to different ways of improving your current situation and initiating steps to solving problems. Virgo, Virgonianas, This is a good day for contemplating, reminiscing, investigating, mentally connecting dots, systemizing data, discovering secrets, reconstructing plans and traveling. Virgonianas analytical mind has only one flaw today emotional bias which, unfortunately, easily transforms into stubbornness. Libra, Librarianas, The day will be successful.

If librarianas keeps its negative thoughts in check. dont dwell on possible troubles even if they have real ground. Financial affairs as well as current and past decisions may become a real source of concerns for you. Scorpio, Scorpianas way of thinking today is not far from healthy selfishness and there is a reason for it. You mostly likely realize that you cant offer anything to anyone until your solve your own issues and undo the knots that you tied with your own hands. Sagittarius, Sagittarianas,November 3, 2014.

Is when you come facetoface with your past. such rendezvous may prove quite stressful for Sagittarianas. Luckily, the ghosts from your past do not have any intentions to capture you for good. They only want you to put things in order in both your duties and your own soul. Capricorn, Capricornianas, This is a good day for meeting with your old friend, colleague or mentor. If you were invited over, your gettogether will quickly become the evening of reminiscing and the memories will not always.

Be pleasant. this is an ideal day for reviving your old plans and past relationships. Aquarius, Aquarianas, A powerful move in a new direction is not possible just yet. Aquarianas should better spend the day on checking, tuning and systemizing the most important of your projects (or the most important of your relationships). Many Aquarianas are in danger of getting fatigued easily and possibly becoming depressed. Pisces, Pisceanas, Today Pisceanas are tempted to take a lazy passive position. Almost everything will be done for you and the way you need.

Indian Astrology Compatibility Date Birth

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Free Horoscopes Cancer 2016

Hej dette er den ugentlige horoskop for krft for ugen af oktober tredje 2016 under mine fantastiske krabber hvis du gerne vil have en lsning med mig kontrol min butik lige der vil jeg ikke vre giver aflsninger fra sekunder til tirsdag oktober fjerde jeg vil vre genoptager mine aflsninger p femte men hvis du gerne vil have en lsning ok jeg ogs jeg stadig samarbejde med Minnow Pond men han udvidet vores.

Samarbejde og gjort det til en hjemmeside der har andre lsere p der, s du kunne kontrollere, at ud i linket nedenfor, s tjek det ud og og kontrol hjemmesiden har det mig ham og andre astrologer og clairvoyante om der som godt, hvis du er en astrolog eller psykisk g tjekke det ud, kan du tilfje, kan du anmodning om at tilfje dine dine links p der og hjlpe dele vores den link hjlpe os med at hjlpe os alle vokse som et fllesskab.

Ok, s det er derfor, vi gr det for at hjlpe hinanden til at vokse som et fllesskab Jeg kan ikke tale lige nu, fordi det er to tiden om morgenen Anywho s det er, hvad der er op ogs lrdag oktober frste nymne energi Jeg vil vre udstationering op min min mnedlige horoskoper samt s denne uge du har en vand trine i frste ind i huset frst, femte og niende hus, s du ved, hvordan denne energi gr denne dse.

Enten vre en virkelig virkelig smuk uge eller denne energi kan ride dig ligesom en Bronco p en tirsdag f dem jne ud pige ja du ved, hvem jeg er taler for ok som en Rhinestone Cowboy ok s prv det var op til dig, hvordan du nsker denne energi, der skal s forsge at holde det positivt i denne uge ogs med denne energi igen som ovenfor, s nedenfor har tro p.

Vished for at hjlpe dig udfre dine ml med denne energi, fordi dette energi er mere om dig at vre i frersdet, nr det kommer til styring dit liv i en bestemt retning, s dette er en smuk energi her ogs aktivere denne energi fordel, nr du socialisere og du taler til andre og du er motiveret med, hvad der foregr og tage sig af dig selv i orden i tage sig af din velvre dig.

Virkelig aktivere og udnytte denne energi nr du bliver legende, og du er socialisering s komme ud at telefonen tal kalder disse mennesker og sprge, om du nsker at hnge ud, s du kan indpasses i at god energi, fordi jeg har bemrket, at everytime mine krabber som leg med deres med deres venner det er ligesom deres verden er awesome og deres verden er popping og er en smuk ting.

S dette er en af disse energier til virkelig udnytte loven om tiltrkning og den slags Saturn er sammenholdt med i ascendant og personen seks huset forsigtig med overbelastning dette kan medfre lndesmerter p grund af Saturn i seks hus og forrsage fdder problemer ogs s prv ikke at arbejde s hrdt arbejde smartere ikke hrdere.

Jeg fler med denne energi, du har brug for slappe isr omkring andre mennesker fordi du er mere fokuseret p karriere og du har tendens til at gre alt ved bog eller du har tendens til at fokusere til at fiksere dig selv p n bestemt person slags af ikke rigtig mobbe dem, men p samme gang du nsker at styre deres situation s bare prv at erkende, at energi prve at vre fleksibel og tilpasningsdygtig over for andre, du har en tfirkant i dit frste fjerde og syvende hus ndringer.